Shoes for everyone mean comfort and it’s quite tough to get it with those pointed heels that for some women is a real struggle. Many women can’t even stand on heels and have faced this problem for a very long time before the fantastic and comfortable heels came into existence and those are the stunning Block Heels.

No one will ever believe how happy women were when block heels first appeared. These shoes are a necessity for any wardrobe because they are useful, comfy, and practical. A detailed explanation of the what, why and how of the blocks is provided below.

What are block heels?

Now when you think about heels the picture that comes to mind is always a slender base with a sharp heel. But that’s not what these heels are they are the ones with a broad base and thick heels so the balance is maintained and the comfort of walking is provided. It covers most of the ankle area. 

There are several situations where block heels are appropriate:

Block heels meet every woman’s personality and expectations, so you can dress them for various kinds of events.These are some examples of how to wear a pair of block heels.

  1. Workwear

For business wear, mid-height block heels work best. To feel powerful at work, pair them with a well-fitting skirt or pantsuit. Block heels go well with flared or boot-cut jeans, a blouse, and casual workdays.

  1. Casual attire

For daily wear, we advise choosing block heels that are between low and medium in height. Wear a crop top or a white tee with them and some loose, worn-in trousers. You can also go casual and comfortable by donning skirts and loose pants.

  1. Events Related to Parties

Block heels offer a high level of stability and support, making them ideal for dancing and having a good time. No longer at risk of humiliation and falling flat on your face. For a meal with friends, wear your block heels with skinny jeans and a blouse. For clubbing, wear a short dress. For your cute date, wear a skirt and a crop top.

What is a block heel used for?

Women’s block heels are a versatile style. These are quite beautiful to look at while also being stable, supportive, comfy, and beautiful. They go well with a variety of sets and clothing. You can flaunt them throughout long-lasting parties and events as well as wear them inside and outside for dancing.

Here are a few elements that attribute to their appeal:

  • Walking Friendly

Block heels offer improved support and balance because of the even distribution of body weight that their hefty shape allows on the foot. More so than any other style of high heels with a smaller profile, block heels are more comfortable to walk in.

  • Gorgeous and Agile

You can pair block heels with a variety of ensembles thanks to their versatility.  Both classic and timelessly fashionable block heels are available. All kinds of casual and glam styles are produced in this gorgeous footwear.

  • Stylish Comfort

Block heels: what are they? It’s a comfy luxury, in our opinion! Block heels are the most supportive and comfortable high-heel style available. Without exerting undue stress on your feet and ankles, they elevate you and give you a higher, slimmer silhouette. Block heels help you maintain the best possible balance and support while preventing sore feet and muscle aches.

There are many options when it comes to block heels at Novo shoes New Zealand, they have a variety of designs, heights, and colors. From 2 inches to over 6 inches, their heels range in length. From ankle straps, pumps, mules, peep-toes, and many other designs, to slingback and slip-on block heel sandals, boots, and espadrilles. Single to multiple shades glitters to neutrals, and matte to glossy finishes are all represented in the color palette.

A few block heels have gained popularity and are well-known in the fashion industry. 

Some of them are:

  • Block heels with a slingback
  • Straps with Metal Embellishments 
  • Low-height Block Heels Medium-Height Block Heels
  • Block Heels with Elegant Designs
  • Block Heels with Striking Patterns

Women’s footwear with block heels is useful, fashionable, and very practical. For both business and play, they offer you and your style the ideal balance. Block heels give your outfit a modern twist and are easy to stroll in. For you specifically, there is a pair of block heels. Grab your desired pair of block heels right away by browsing Novo Shoes New Zealand’s extensive selection.

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